April 9th, we were able to open the doors to our new boutique and workshop at Sankelmarksgade 2, where our dreams have come true. We can unite all our creativities under the same roof, work side by side as a family, and even give other amazing artists a place to exhibit. We love the new place. The location. The neighbours. The light that comes through our big windows. It is the desired framing, where we can share knowledge and the tradition of strong hands can be passed on from Hans Bo to the next generations. At the boutique, you can also be inspired and discover Stinne’s handmade textile and paper art, gathering all the creative veins in the heart of the family business. The new workshop allows us to share our passion for clay, as TYBO now can offer ceramic courses, and you can feel the magic of the lathe. Stop by – you are more than welcome.


In following stores you can find a varying selection of our collection. We suggest you use our webshop, if you are hunting a certain piece of TYBO.

KLAY Copenhagen

Studio Holdbar


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