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This pojagi curtain is a unique work sewn from plant colored cotton fabric. Some of its pieces of fabric have been dyed in collaboration with local people in a small fishing village called Abene in Senegal. While others have been dyed and ecoprinted here in Denmark. When colored with the plants just outside the door or with kitchen waste, the dye process is sustainable and done without the use of dangerous chemicals that can harm Mother Earth. Height: 190 cm, width: 90 cm.

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Sewing a Pojagi is a tribute to the slowness. At the same time all leftovers can be used so nothing ends up as trash.

Love and good thoughts are sewn in along the long process of the work and negate the small inaccuracies that can occur. This Pojagi is sewn by a human being, not by a machine and it came into the world in a small studio in the heart of the old part of Ebeltoft.

Treat it with gentleness and wash it by hand or in a gentle wash by the machine. Be aware that plant colors are vibrant colors that will change over time. Let this be a part of the value of this Work to observe the beauty of the change and embrace its imperfection. Let the Pojagi live its own life and enjoy.

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